basic small bracelet

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Basic Small bracelet with a round carbon eye with irregular texture.
The frame is made of silver.
The string on which the coals are embedded is available in black.

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A string bracelet with a round coal eye with a beautiful texture is the charm of an inconspicuous vintage jewel.

We made the bracelet manually from hard coal and silver. The coal eye has the shape of a circle with a diameter of 8 mm.

Twine, which we have chosen for this project, does not destroy in contact with water. The available string color is black. The silver we used in this project has a mass of 1.61 g.

The wrist that our ring band normally has should have a circumference of 16-17 cm, but if you want to order a smaller or larger circumference, just write us about it in the commentary to the order!

The coal we used for this project has been properly prepared and secured, so it does not soil the skin and clothes.

Since each bracelet was created by hand, there are no two identical coals. For this reason, your bracelet may differ slightly from the one in the picture.

Basic Small Bracelet creates the perfect pair with earrings from the same series. You can also find such a set in our store.